Vegan Soy Triple Wick Luxury Candle


Ships only in UK.
The luxurious candle with triple wick adding that extra special touch and bringing a warm glow to any room. Produced in the most popular scent - CALM. This candle uses the anxiety-alleviating properties of Bergamot & Lavender essential oils to ease restlessness and insomnia so you can sail undisturbed into pure relaxation. Your candle will be made carefully in a small batch without synthetics, chemicals, pollutants and no nasties added. This candle arrives in a luxurious white box, purposely free from marketing so it can be repurposed in your home, please reuse and recycle.

Hand Poured - 470ml.
Jar Height: 7 cm.
Jar Diameter: 12.5 cm.

Pure Essential Oils. Vegan Soy Wax. Cotton Wicks. 

Ethically produced with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Ships only in UK.