Oversized Merino Bomber Jacket Milky Way

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Merino Bomber Jacket “Milky Way” is not only made from very soft alpaca wool, but it also tells the story of indigenous people of Peru, to their traditions, their land and nature´s magical beauty at the foot of the Andes.

It comes from a family-owned mill in Peru. It is knitted from hand-painted yarn in pearl knitting technique. The result is off-white with purple sparkles. 

100% Merino wool. Fair knitwear garment, handmade in Peru.

Imagine this. You look up, soft blue sky. To your left and right, the rusty brown of bold layers of clay and stone offers a warm embrace. And there it lies in front of you: The place of the white gold as the Incas used to call it.

Merino Bomber Jacket “Milky Way” goes to this magical place with you. Water runs from a small subterranean stream into dozens and dozens of little coppery pools, many of them crusted with various shades of shimmery crystals that reflect the Peruvian sun right back into the sky. It’s salt. White, light brown and soft pink. Welcome to a place that dates back to ancient times and is still in use today.