Kool Korals


Fashion is one of the biggest contributor to the massive amounts of green house gasses warming our oceans, which to day has led to more than 50% of the coral reefs globally to bleach and die.

Coral reefs take only 1% of the marine areas, yet are home to more than 25% of the fish in our oceans. Losing them would mean losing a quarter of the marine life almost immediately and close to 90% of the total marine life in the near term.

To further mitigate the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry on coral bleaching, KK has launched the Kool Korals campaign supporting The Nature Conservancy's restoration of the most affected reef areas.

Symbolically adopting a Kool Koral means funding the protection of nearly 2,000sqm of the coral reefs of The Bahamas with its many uninhabited islands and the clearest water in the world, home to key populations of the Caribbean’s most iconic marine species.