How it works


1. Order a bag

2. Activate your bag or print a label 

3. Fill your bag
Drop in high-quality women’s and kids’ clothing, handbags, shoes, fashion jewelry, and accessories.

3. Send it off
Leave your bag for your mail carrier or drop it off at any FedEx Office or USPS location.

4. Earn credit
Once your bag is processed, you’ll earn shopping credit for items we accept. 


What do we accept


Our cirKKulate partners have high quality standards and accept an average of 40% from each bag. The rest is reused or responsibly recycled.

Accepted items are:
Clean, freshly washed
From a name brand
On trend, less than 5 years old
Free of tears, stains, or rips
In excellent condition

Unaccepted items are:
Missing labels or sizes
Pilling or fading
Missing or broken parts
Tears, rips, or holes
Stains and odors
Shrunk, stretched, or altered
Formal gowns or other specialty items


What our cirKKulate partners Pay


You can earn 5%–90% of the listing price on accepted items. Higher-end brands get you a higher percentage of the payout.

Examples of earnings for items in like-new condition:
- Forever 21 Jewelry: 5% of listing price = EU1.00
- J. Crew Dress: 30% of listing price = EU16.00
- Tory Burch Shoes: 45% of listing price = EU400.00
- Gucci Handbag: 90% of listing price = EU350.00

Want your unaccepted items returned?


There are two ways to get Return Assurance: opt in while ordering a kit, or head to your Selling History page after activating your kit. A EU14.00 fee will be deducted from your earnings.