Become a Kool and Konscious brand


Say, Hi!

Reach out to our team at, to introduce your story and brand. Make sure to attach a line sheet of your latest collection as well as info on your sourcing and production certificates and processes. If we find your brand to be a good fit, we will reach out to schedule a call.

Help us verify
your brand

If your brand is a good fit, we will conduct a due diligence on your sourcing and production practices to make sure you fit our circularity and ethics criteria.

Sign with us

We will send you a digital Partnership Agreement to sign. The terms are up-front. No fees to get featured.

Sell on Kool and Konscious

Once we sign you, we will onboard you on our merchants portal from where everything is quite simple. From syncing your products and inventory levels to receiving your payments, it is a fully automated process.