for better Planet, better Style
and better Us.

At Kool And Konscious, we believe fashion can be conscious
and exciting at the same time.

Our platform features premium sustainable brands,
produced with care for the environment and for the people
who make it.

Why we started

We wanted to make it easy to find sustainable fashion online. Sustainable brands have the potential to reduce 75% of the negative environmental footprint of fast fashion, yet they are so hard to find. With Kool And Konscious we put in one place a great selection of conscious brands which we pre-vet for sustainable practices and product quality.

How we started

Our team has extensive experience in fashion and fashion tech. We know first hand the impact of fast fashion on our Planet and on us as human beings.

In 2018 we gathered some brands from around the world in a small pop-up shop in Hong Kong. The response from customers was overwhelming and here we are today - online with close to 100 brands and growing, bringing you the choice of sustainable fashion.

What are we building

Our goal is to build the Planet's first circular fashion platform - a place where we empower the brands to design and produce items that are circular. We are giving our customers tools to circulate the clothes that no longer serve them. If you wonder how this works: Circulate button and Ecosystem section

What Kool And Konscious stands for

The finest eco-brands

We select the best sustainable brands. We vet them for you, where we check their sustainable practices, product quality and customer service capabilities.


Circularity is the norm

Through our internal Ecosystem of supply-chain players, we help our brands design and produce with circularity in mind. We give our partners access to the best new technologies, eco friendly dyes, biodegradable fabrics and packaging.

Measurable impact

Our Impact Score measures the Water and CO2 savings on each item we list on our platform. It allows us to be aware of the weight of each item on the environment.

"Products listed on Kool and Konscious save 75% of the resources and the pollution compared to status quo fashion.”

Apr 2020

"Consumption in copious amounts will now be replaced by circular marketplaces. One such company at the forefront of this movement is Kool and Konscious."

Apr 2020

"Kool and Konscious is set to be our Planet's first circular marketplace where customers can shop and send-back clothing for afterlife management."

Apr 2020