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Napkini Maras Handmade Alpaca Wool Pants in Grey, Bordeaux, Brown

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  • Made by hand handmade

Pants Napkini Maras are handmade from the softest alpaca wool, crafted with with Intarsia knitting technique. Teal detail on the hem and waist.

100% Alpaca Wool. Fair knitwear garment, handmade in Peru.

The slow fashion knitwear collection  „Salt from Maras“ was inspired by the gentle curves and soft colours of the ancient Inca salt mines in Maras, in the peruvian Andes. A dreamy place that is well-known for its pink salt that even the Incas loved already.

With the Sweater Maras ANNAMARIAANGELIKA adds some beautiful powdery shades to their bright and bold colour palette.

Pants Maras is not only made from very soft alpaca wool, it also tells the story of  indigenous people of Peru, to their traditions, their land and nature´s magical beauty at the foot of the Andes.

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