Handmade O Ring in Brass or Sterling Silver


The O ring can be worn on each finger just as you like, depending on your finger size. Also wearable as a knuckle and normal ring. We love to wear this ring on the pinky finger. This trendy ring will look great with whatever you pair it with. Suitable for every occasion.

Sterling Silver 925 or Brass.

Handmade product, made from the pure metal. All gold from The Netherlands comes from recycled sources. Brass is a nickel-free alloy of copper and zinc.

Only use the cloth for light oxidation, for spots or extreme oxidation use Silver Polish. Shake the bottle before use. Apply polish to the polish cloth. Rub the brass or silver. Rinse thoroughly with water and soap. Rub dry with a soft cloth.

MVDT Collection ships from Netherlands (NL). Duties and taxes may apply. See our Shipping policy.