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Sustainable bags
Combining exceptional style with eco-conscious production chains, these ethical bags make the right kind of statement. Find a sleek clutch bag that is perfect for your special occasions or grab a large tote that can be filled to the brim at your weekly farmer’s market trip. Artisanal techniques, carefully-selected materials and premium hardware cement these sustainable bags as timeless staples. Available in neutral colourways, such as black and nude, as well as metallic and multicolour hues, there’s an eco bag for every taste in our Kool & Konscious eco-friendly bags collection.

Sustainable bag brands
Looking for a better way to buy your next handbag? At Kool & Konscious, the eco-friendly bag brands we work with are invested in more than style. From protecting artisanal weaving techniques that have been passed down for generations, to building up communities of women and giving them a way to earn a fair wage, we’re proud to partner with companies that are striving for brighter ways to reduce their carbon footprint and support their makers.

Discover sustainable bags from Mother Erth, which recycles between 2oz and 1lb of material (that would otherwise end up in a landfill) for each bag they create. Handmade by women who are paid fairly, each bag has a unique colourway and doesn’t have the same heavy carbon footprint as non-ethical designs. Simply let us know the shades you prefer when ordering and receive a totally bespoke bag that not only looks good, but empowers talented female artisans, too. For work-ready sustainable leather bags, look no further than Kozha Numbers. Crafted in the brand’s Portland studio, these architectural bags feature ethical leather and are made to order to reduce waste. Offering exceptional quality and a durable finish, these contemporary totes and cross-body bags make going sustainable a truly luxurious experience.

What are eco-friendly bags made from?
We’re passionate about working with brands that are diligent in minimising the carbon footprint of their product and committed to ethical supply chains. Eco-friendly bags can come in many forms; leather, vegan, plastic, cotton or something entirely different. But each of these materials can pose their own problems when it comes to the environment and those working in close contact with it. Leather products, although natural, go through an intensive tanning process to ensure they stay buttery-soft throughout their lifetime. This chemicals used during tanning, particularly chonium, is toxic to the environment and the people working with it, which is why we look to suppliers who invest in less-hazardous ways of treating leather. Similarly, a popular ‘vegan leather’ replacement is polyurethane - which uses solvents in the manufacturing process. This complex issue is pushing labels to source their materials in new ways that have a more positive effect on the planet and its people. As a result, you’ll find eco-tanned leather, upcycled plastics, organic cotton bags and natural fibres in our collection.

Browse our range of sustainable vegan and leather bags at Kool & Konscious.