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Sustainable shorts

Our ethical shorts edit gives you the opportunity to shop fresh and wearable eco shorts, without compromising your environmental values. Sourced from some of the most inspiring sustainable short brands around, we strive to connect you with the most versatile collection of ethical shorts. Making waves in the fashion world, these labels challenge the norm and reject resource-heavy production and distribution methods in favour of green approaches. As a result, the materials, logistics, production and packaging used by these brands have been carefully considered to make your shorts’ lifecycle as ethical as possible. This means that you have truly fashionable short options that don’t cost the planet and deplete its resources.

Whether you’ve got a summer bbq or special occasion, eco shorts are a versatile outfit option. A classic pair of denim shorts refuse to go out of style and look great dressed up with heels and shirts or dressed down with slogan tees and trainers. Alternatively, linen shorts offer a breathable yet durable construction and are perfectly for beach days or casual garden parties. If you love pattern, opt for a pair of printed shorts which give a nod to your personal style. Formal occasion coming up? Elevate your look with a pair of tailored sustainable shorts. Effortlessly cool, structured shorts make for a unique outfit option that is sure to leave the other guests lusting after your outfit choice - team them with a feminine blouse and strappy heels or wedges for a stylish outfit. Designed in timeless shapes that will withstand the seasons, shop our range of eco shorts for any occasion.

Eco-friendly short materials

According to the Danish Fashion Institute, the fashion industry creates 20% of the world’s industrial water waste. This not only accounts for the water it takes to grow the raw materials that our clothing is made from, but also the dye and chemicals waste used in textile manufacturing. That’s why this sustainable short collection features ethical materials that use fewer resources and create less waste. Carefully sourced and produced, these materials are thoughtfully selected for their eco credentials and comfort, ensuring you enjoy a piece that’s both luxe and consciously made.