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Eco-friendly pyjamas

Make slipping into a pair of soft sustainable pyjamas part of your bedtime routine. Just like spraying your pillow with lavender, taking a hot bath or listening to a relaxing meditation, pulling on a fresh pair of pyjamas can feel like its own little ritual. Plus, they also double up as great loungewear. Nothing beats a slow and mindful morning, taking your time to create a nourishing breakfast whilst relaxing in your ethical pyjamas. Or perhaps you’re working from home this week? No one has to know you’re wearing pyjama bottoms to your conference call. Thanks to their relaxed cuts and elasticated or drawcord waists, you’ll achieve a great fit with our selection - making them even harder to change out of come Monday morning...

Ethical pyjamas

When searching for your next set of ethical pyjamas, fabrication is key. Annually, the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the world’s water waste and pollutes over two trillion litres of fresh water with textile dye and chemicals. This is having a massive impact on our planet’s plants, animals and people. At Kool & Konscious, we’re passionate about working with brands that are committed to using eco-conscious materials in their pyjamas. From upcycling used textiles, to finding innovative ways of farming raw materials that lessen their environmental impact, we’re excited to collaborate with designers that are making a difference. When you browse our eco pyjamas, you’ll find organic raw materials to ensure no harmful chemicals are released into the environment. You’ll also discover that many of our brand’s uphold fair trade and ethical practices, have transparent supply chains and champion carbon-neutral shipping. This means you can rest easy knowing that every effort has been made to reduce the carbon footprint of your stylish eco pyjamas.

The materials in eco-friendly pyjamas

So, what makes the pyjama fabrications in our line so covetable? Unlike synthetic fibres like polyester, which releases tiny particles of plastic every time you throw them in the washing machine, natural textiles will only shed natural, biodegradable particles. Fabrics like cotton and linen can also help regulate your temperature by allowing heat and moisture to escape through the night. Because synthetic fabrics tend to have a tighter weave, you won’t enjoy the same ventilation that a natural pair of pyjamas provides, plus, these fabrics have a heavier environmental impact, use more resources and can be dyed with dangerous chemicals. Natural alternatives, like the ones in our collection, have been created using less water, chemicals and resources. What’s more, they’re just as durable, ensuring you can wear them regularly and they’ll still look as stylish as ever.

Stay breathable at bedtime and keep comfortable all night long with these ultra-stylish sustainable fashion pyjamas.