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Sustainable jackets

Are you looking for outerwear that speaks to your soul and your style? Our sustainable jackets don’t just look the part, but are made consciously, too. Working with sustainable jacket brands, this unique edit allows you to choose from a number of timeless styles that are incredibly versatile. We believe these jackets represent a great investment; in your wardrobe, in the craftsmen and women that make these pieces and in the future of fashion. Designed to surpass trends, your jacket is designed to become a treasured (and essential) piece of your capsule wardrobe - something you’ll call on for years to come and eventually even pass down (if you think you can part with it).

What are ethical jackets made from?

Today, innovative brands are making extraordinary leaps in the development of eco-friendly textiles. From the dyes used to create your jacket’s rich, stead-fast colour, to the raw materials that it’s engineered from; an ethical jacket’s environmental impact is considered at every stage of the production process. Our line of eco jackets feature a range of materials that have been carefully selected for their durability, comfort, breathability and appearance. This ensures they remain ultra luxe to wear, whilst also using less resources.

Explore our collection and you’ll find sustainable denim jackets made from organic cotton that’s been Ozone washed; a process that uses 50% less water than standard production methods. You’ll also find styles that have been sustainably made using fabric cut-offs, as well as vegetable-dyed sheep leather that prides itself on having a low carbon footprint. And it’s not just the raw materials that these sustainable jacket brands consider: wooden buttons, faux leather patches made from apple juice waste, recycled pockets and nickel-free trims are just some of the little details that these ethical jackets feature.

Sustainable jacket brands

Our carefully-curated collection features some of the best eco-conscious brands around. Committed to using leather sourced from areas with no-deforestation and organic cotton that is free from harmful chemicals, these brand’s have impressive eco values - just like you. As such, you’ll find names such as ToBeFrank in our eco jackets collection, which prides itself on its transparent supply chain and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. We also stock vegan-friendly styles by Siz and functional upcycled designs by Gnana Studio, which makes its sustainable range with social responsibility in mind. As a result, many of its pieces are made locally by Romanian ateliers and small factories. Similarly, the family-owned clothing line, Dressarte Paris, is committed to ethical practices and uses luxury surplus materials to create its premium jackets.

Featuring a range of men’s sustainable jackets and sustainable women’s jackets, our edit is ideal for those who love fashion and the environment. Explore our collection of sustainable jackets to find the perfect layering piece for your unique style.