Sustainable Denim

Designed for the modern, conscious consumer, these denim products boast impeccable cuts and contemporary washes. Working with some of the most innovative sustainable denim brands, we offer a range of eco-friendly denim for men and women. Designed to last, these styles get better with age, so you can enjoy them for years to come; prolonging their lifecycle and further minimising their impact on the environment. Wear yours with basic t-shirts, smart shirts, blouses and blazers for a versatile, street-style look.

A wardrobe essential, ethical denim generate less CO2 than their non eco-friendly counterparts, thanks to conscious manufacturing processes. Similarly, they embrace new technology to create that ultra-cool ‘washed’ effect; which means less toxic waste seeping into our waterways. Utilising recycled materials, nickel-free trims and even apple juice waste, you can feel confident that your sustainable denim are made with every attempt to minimise their environmental footprint. And that’s not the only reason you’ll be adding a pair of our eco-friendly denim to your basket. From mom denim jeans to tapered men’s denim jeans, you can shop a variety of impossibly-Kool styles that feel comfortable and go with anything.

Ethical denim brands

Carefully curated with you in mind, our sustainable denim collection features a variety of fits and washes to suit your style and shape. Discover ethical denim from ToBeFrank, which rescues cotton from landfills and combines it with organic cotton that hasn’t been treated with any artificial pesticides or chemicals during the growing process. Ozone technology gives the denim a washed effect, while apple juice waste is cleverly made into faux leather labels. Siz also bring a fresh approach to the denim market by using fabric cut-offs and cotton to create fashion-forward styles. Discover kick-flare cuts, two-tone designs and even denim dresses in this brand’s ethically-produced range.

How are eco-friendly denim made?

Denim jeans have gained a reputation for having one of the most harmful manufacturing processes in the fashion industry. On average, a massive 32kg of CO2 is needed to produce just one pair of denim jeans, whilst the synthetic dyes and chemicals that are used to give denim its signature ‘washed’ appearance can leach into local waterways, polluting streams and rivers used for washing and drinking water. Sustainable denim aim to minimise this intensive process and reduce their impact on the environment, without compromising your personal style. Generating eight times less CO2 than a standard pair of denim jeans, ethical denim utilises innovations such as Ozone technology. This gives jeans a ‘washed’ appearance whilst using less water. Some of our sustainable denim jeans also feature recycled materials; where textiles destined for landfills are instead turned into yarn that’s woven into a new pair of eco-friendly denim jeans. Coupled with conscious delivery options and Fair Trade principles, these brands ensure that everyone gets a fair deal when it comes to denim.

Explore our range of men’s and women’s environmentally-friendly jeans and find your perfect pair.