Sustainable coat styles

Ethical outwear just got Kool. Our premium edit of sustainable coats goes beyond trends; offering up effortlessly chic styles you’ll be pulling on everytime the forecast drops. Streamlined shapes, elegant fits and unexpected details are abound in this collection - as are a selection of stylish hues. If you’re looking for something classic, consider choosing a camel-coloured coat. This beautiful shade stands the test of time and flatters a multitude of skin tones and hair colours, too. Or, for a work-appropriate style, opt for a forgiving navy or black, which will disguise scuffs, splashes and pollution picked up on your city commute. Warm or lightweight, these sustainable options ensure you’re protected from the elements, without having to adjust your morals. Plus, with impeccable attention to detail and quality fabrications, it’s safe to say your eco coat will be a mainstay in your wardrobe season after season.

Why choose eco-friendly coats?

It’s estimated that of the 68 pounds of clothing thrown away by the average American each year, 85% will end up in a landfill. And, if we don’t change the way we’re consuming clothing, this pile could become as high as Mount Everest. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with brands that are making a difference; brands that use natural and eco-friendly materials in their coat collections and consider the environmental impact of their production, without compromising on design, cut or fit. It’s an exciting time for conscious consumers, as designers are challenged to find inventive ways to push the boundaries of fashion, whilst managing their impact on the environment. But one thing is for sure; an eco-friendly coat is a must-have on our fashion list.

What are ethical coats made from?

Wondering what makes our coat collection eco-friendly? We collaborate with sustainable coat brands that incorporate the best all-natural fibres and eco-conscious textiles into their designs. As such, you can expect to find wool from the Sustaina Wool Integrity Program and APEO/NPEO-free chemical mixtures, which don’t have a negative effect on nature, people and animals. Given that 40% of textile dye is carcinogenic, we’re passionate about providing you with safer ways to wear your favourite colours.

OEKO-TEX certified cotton forms the basis of some of the stylish trench coats in our collection, alongside Gabardine organic cotton, which boasts a thicker weave, GMO-free credentials and is made using fair trade principles. When you buy sustainable coats at Kool & Konscious, you’ll feel confident you know exactly where your product has been created and that every effort has been made to ensure the fair and safe practices of the workers making it.

Discover ethical coats from brands such as Gaia London, which blends organic materials with modern lines to create wearable trench coats. Or shop for Francis Stories, which incorporates natural, ethically-sourced materials into ultra-cool silhouettes. Browse our sustainable coat brands today and find your perfect eco-conscious style.