Sustainable cardigans

Indoor comfort or outdoor style, an ethical cardigan will prove itself a worthy outfit option on colder days. Ultra-versatile, cardigans give you the freedom to wear them open at the front and roll up the sleeves on mild days, or layer them up with chunky knits for increased warmth on chilly evenings. Either way, having at least one eco-friendly cardigan in your wardrobe will prove priceless on those mornings when you’re not quite sure what to wear. Whether you prefer a slouchy, oversized eco cardigan or a smart cardi that could be slipped over shirts and blouses, our edit has been carefully curated to work with your existing outfits. Neutral colourways and soft hues make it easy for you to wear your new sustainable cardigan with your jeans, skirts and leggings - so you can make the most of your luxe, eco investment - no matter the time of the day, week or season.

What are ethical cardigans made from?

Plastic pollution continues to be a growing issue for our oceans and with plastic used in clothing - including knitwear and cardigans - scientists are finding small plastic fragments as far as the Arctic. Add to this the damaging dye and water waste the fashion industry produces and it becomes unsurprising that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of the planet. At Kool & Konscious, we’re committed to working with sustainable cardigan brands that are making serious commitments to reduce their impact. From the textiles our eco brands choose to use in their cardigans, to their production and distribution methods, you can trust that every effort has been made to make your new cardigan’s environmental impact as small as possible.

Our ethical cardigan collection features a variety of natural fibres, such as alpaca, silk, cashmere and superfine wool. If you’re looking for a sustainable wool cardigan with a sumptuously-soft texture and lightweight, fluffy finish, opt for an alpaca wool-blend, which has been harvested from alpaca animals. Alternatively, a sustainable cashmere cardigan offers a silky smooth feel, while silk creates a sleek, fluid textile that’s ultra-soft on skin. Look out for beautiful details, too; like corozo buttons, which have been ethically sourced and carved from tropical palm tree nuts.

Aside from having less impact on the environment, what other benefits are there to choosing natural fibre cardigans? Breathable, comfortable and biodegradable, the natural materials that go into these cardigans don’t have the same intensive impact on our resources that polyester and synthetic materials do. On a practical level, they also allow the skin to ‘breathe’, which keeps you feeling comfortable as you go through your day. If you suffer from sensitive skin, a sustainable cardigan could be the answer, as they’re not treated with as many chemicals as regular, mass produced cardigans. Kool & Konscious brands also consciously consider their supply chains and logistical impact - so you can feel secure that every step of your cardigan’s journey has been a carefully-considered process.

Explore our beautiful range of luxuriously-soft cardigans to find a unique, sustainable style.