Why choose a sustainable blazer?

At Kool & Konscious, you can find a blazer that appeals to your personal style, without overshaddowing your ethical beliefs. Our sustainable blazer edit is designed to give you unique, eco-friendly outerwear options that are ideal for a multitude of occasions. As fashion is the second-largest polluter of our planet after oil, we believe in the power of partnering with innovative brands who are looking for new ways to produce eco-friendly clothing. From sourcing eco-conscious materials, to upholding its workers rights and looking at their logistics methods, these sustainable blazer brands are paving the way for a more environmentally-friendly approach to fashion.

How to style an eco blazer?

We believe that a blazer is one of the most practical pieces you can have in your wardrobe. For an androdgenous aesthetic, consider choosing an oversized blazer that’s either single or double breasted. To achieve this laissez-faire look, you can simply order a size or two up and wear with rolled up jeans and boots, or your favourite sandals for the evening. Alternatively, for a work-ready style, pick a tailored blazer with contrasting lapels, a luxury lining and premium details - helping you flash a little of your personal style, whilst remaining boardroom-appropriate. Heading on your holidays? Consider packing an ethical blazer in your hand luggage or wearing it over a cosy airport outfit to channel off-duty but always elegant vibes. Plus, nothing looks more chic than draping a blazer over your shoulders when the sun goes down.

What materials are in an eco-friendly blazer?

When you buy an eco-friendly blazer, you’re getting a unique product that designers, marketers, managers and makers have poured countless hours into creating. Unlike mass produced items that often require massive environmental resources to create, release microplastic through their lifetime and will likely end up in towering landfills, every aspect of an eco blazer is carefully considered to minimise its impact on people, animals and mother earth.

It all starts in the initial design stages. What sustainable materials are both durable and luxurious? What feels great against the skin, hangs perfectly on your body and remains comfortable throughout the day? Wool, cotton and linen are popular choices that can be sourced through sustainable farming methods. As these are also natural materials, they don’t release toxic microplastics into our rivers and oceans every time they’re washed. Upcycling used materials or textile offcuts is another clever way that some brands remain sustainable, whilst creating beautiful blazers. The design is also an important factor in an ethical blazer’s lifecycle. Classic cuts, sharp tailoring and quality construction all ensure it will live in your wardrobe for the long haul and not be discarded after a few short rotations in the closet. Then there’s the delivery. At Kool & Konscious, we offer free CO2-neutral shipping and encourage brands to use more sustainable methods of packaging.

An essential that refuses to go out of style, find your perfect sustainable blazer jacket in our curated collection.