Why choose sustainable shoes?

Did you know that over 25 billion pairs of shoes are made each year? This production is having a huge impact on our planet and its natural resources. From the chemicals used to dye our textiles to the CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere through the sourcing, making and shipping of our shoes and garments; something has to change. At Kool & Konscious, we believe there’s a better way to shop. That’s why we’ve created an eco-friendly shoe collection featuring styles from the best sustainable shoe brands available. Geared towards the stylish, conscious consumer, this range allows you to shop for beautiful shoes that have been created in a sustainable way.

Our shoe collection has impressive eco-credentials. Many of the designers in our edit are utilising new technology and unexpected natural materials to create incredibly cool sustainable shoes. You might find Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, in some of our shoe uppers. Made from plastics, such as water bottles and food packaging, the raw materials are crushed and melted into a thread. This can then be mixed with other fabrics such as cotton. You may also come across natural materials like organic cotton, linen and leather, which are known for their comfort and breathability. On the soles, look out for wild rubber that has been sustainably harvested, as well as EVA foam that has been mixed with organic matter like algae to reduce the amount of synthetic materials used during production.

As far as styles go, this collection has a variety of contemporary shapes that appeal to any taste. Look out for comfortable slip on boots, trainers and contemporary tennis shoes that will be a mainstay in your wardrobe for years to come. Explore brands like Saola, which has mastered the art of creating truly stylish eco-friendly shoes through working with materials such as cork, recycled plastic bottles, algae and organic cotton. Passionate about the performance of its shoes, this brand puts a large focus on the raw materials. It’s also committed to sustainable manufacturing and the conservation of wildlife.

Shop our curation of ethical shoes today and enjoy free, global CO2-neutral shipping.