Know your impact: Kool And Konscious x Impakt ID

Know your impact: Kool And Konscious x Impakt ID

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Sustainability - the 2020s fashion trend. As climate change awareness drastically increased in recent years, more and more brands added “greener” items to their product range. Some released sustainable capsule collections similarly to Chanel, who showed their eco-couture’ collection back in 2016. Three years later Prada released a line called Re-nylon with products made from ECONYL® and the fast fashion giant H&M launched a recycling campaign which states that for every bag of old textiles you bring in you will get 15% off your next purchase.


At first glance, all of these look like great solutions to an inevitable climate catastrophe. However, once you take a closer look, you can’t help but notice the greenwashing patterns in each project as brands have not changed their fundamental principles in spite of their strong affirmations and supposed effort. Because there is little to no guidance for any of the big players on how to be sustainable, many of them catch the marketing tide that fools consumers into thinking they are “green” without any long-lasting effect in play. Impakt ID is here to do some hand-holding by providing tangible information about the carbon and water emissions of each product so that both consumers and brands walk hand in hand to an earth-friendly fashion solution.


In the era of Covid-19, when most people work from home and the only purpose of seeing others would be to go for groceries or to join their colleagues on a Zoom call, we started asking ourselves, has people’s motivation for buying new fashion items changed? Has this period set the beginning of a more awakened way to consume?


We thought the answer was “yes”. That is why we decided to partner up with Impakt ID and offer a rationale for each of our clients to shop sustainably.



Every year the fashion industry uses 93 cubic kilometers of water which accounts for 0.01% of the fresh surface water sources according to the USGS. When it comes to carbon dioxide emissions, the annual emissions amount to 3.3 gigatons of CO2 while aviation emits about 860 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, according to Vox. As staggering as these numbers may sound, they also sound very distant. We read about them, we get outraged and then we forget about them when we buy our next fast fashion product.


Impakt ID translates these figures into metrics we can finally make sense of in our everyday life. This method allows shoppers to gain real-time perspective on their impact and to evaluate brands and their items on a more conscious level. Every product on the Kool And Konscious platform today comes with a dedicated calculation of how much CO2 and water it has spared our planet.



Kool and Konscious x Impakt ID 


How does it works?


Impakt ID’s proprietary algorithm combines over 50 000 data points on textile and garment-processing footprint and combines them with the individual product attributes such as composition, weight, dyeing and more, to calculate the specific impact of each product.


We wanted to give our customers the liberty of knowing and choosing their environmental footprint. At a certain point in the near future, measuring such a footprint will become even more essential and trendy than the fashion items themselves. In the customer profile page we aggregate the footprint and savings of all orders purchased through the year, making it easy for people to know and act upon their impact. 


Some of our favourite ways to reduce our impact are the following:


·       Shop sustainably: Kool and Konscious is the biggest platform for sustainable fashion with the plethora of interesting and revolutionary brands to choose from.


·      Shop pre-owned: Vestiare Collective and Farfetch are just two of many platforms to choose from on the market.


·       Give the clothes you no longer need a second life: Thrift+ is an on-demand donation service that makes it easy, transparent and rewarding to donate your unused clothes and raise money for your chosen cause. We partnered up with Thrift+ this year and now you can also benefit financially while donating your clothes.


·       Plant a tree: One Tree Planted is an NGO focused on global reforestation. Through their platform you can plant a tree or start a fundraiser. In 2019 they raised about $5M and planted more than 4M trees.


·       Clean the ocean: The Ocean Cleanup is developing cleanup systems to clean up what is already polluting our oceans and to stop plastic from getting into the ocean via rivers.


·       Save a coral: The Coral Gardeners are an NGO based in French Polynesia which is dedicated to reviving the coral reef. Their platform has an “Adopt a Coral” feature where you can make a donation and thus get a certificate for the coral they have planted for you.


Should we integrate off-setting partners in our marketplace as well?






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