BeKKause cool style and healthy planet look better

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to the massive amounts of greenhouse gasses warming the planet. Every year it generates millions of tons of synthetic fibers harming the ocean ecosystem. 🐋

But fashion does not have to be harming. Producing in a konscious and sustainable way, we can completely cut the negative effect on the Planet. So we decided to gather the koolest konscious brands from around the globe in one beautiful marketplace to keep You and the 🌍 kool. 

Brand of the week: Mother Erth

Artisan mothers employed by Mother Erth get three times the average wage

Take me to Mother Erth

1 bag spares the equivalent of 38 water bottles from entering our land and oceans.

Take me to Mother Erth

Mix. Match. Much.

Your orders restore the Bahamas Coral Reef

At KK, we are committed to make an impakkt with each order we process. Thus, for every purchase you make, we will donate to the restoration of 8sqm of the Bahamas Coral Reef by The Nature Conservancy fund.

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